Artist Statement

I work primarily with acrylic paints, working on paper or wood boards. My work is currently focused on still life. I like to find the beautiful in the ordinary things most people fail to notice in their everyday lives. The focus is very much on the objects themselves, rather than their surroundings and making them a work of art in themselves. With the narrative being the interplay of relationships between the objects and their environment.

I choose colour palettes to suit the subject, and create a balance so all the attention is on the subject matter. I paint in a realist style with great attention to detail, without the detail stifling the painting.

My previous body of work consisted of different vessels, from teapots to bud vases with the focus on light and shadows and whether the environment they are in changes how the objects are perceived with the emphasis on depicting a true likeness of the material of the object, without losing the essence of the subject.

I am currently embarking on a new subject matter that is very much under-represented as a still-life subject. I am taking the brassiere and making it a work of art in its own right. With my compositions I am removing the sexual connotations and concentrating on the intrinsic beauty of the bra itself, as though it was almost a still-life of a sculpture. I first began with compositions of single bras before adding other complementary lingerie items, creating a relationship between them.


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