I began my art education with The School of Education and Lifelong Learning at Aberystwyth University in 2010 where I studied for a Certificate of Higher Education in Art and Design. In 2016 I began studying for a BA in Fine Art at the School of Art and in 2019 I began studying for an MA in Fine Art.

I have exhibited at Moma Wales as part of their annual art competition, at Mid Wales Art Centre, Caersws and the School of Art, Aberystwyth, as well as some private exhibitions.

My work is focused on still life. I like to find the beautiful in the ordinary things most people fail to notice in their everyday lives. The focus is very much on the objects themselves, rather than their surroundings and making them a work of art in their own right. With the narrative being the interplay of relationships between the objects and their environment.

Bras are under-represented as a still-life subject. In the history of art, the bra has usually been depicted as an accessory in a figurative painting. My work is about removing the human element in order to explore the intrinsic beauty of the bra itself. The challenge is in being able to create an accurate piece whilst being careful not to lose the painterliness of the work.

I paint in a realist style in acrylic paint, working from life and often from photographs, as this enables me to keep the light for longer. I create my paintings in a similar way to how a bra is made, by building up the layers. Setting up the still life and photographing it is my form of a sketch book, as I like to go straight in with painting rather than do lots of preliminary work.

My recent work has been concentrated on pebbles on a beach. I am fascinated with how nature balances colours and I enjoy the challenge of recreating the individuality of each pebble. I am working with coloured pencils for these as I find I can create texture and pattern more easily.