Artists I admire. Part 3.

I met David Grosvenor when he tutored an art session at Tywyn Art Group. He was trying to teach us how to do wet on wet watercolours. He has infinite patience that’s all I can say!

He works primarily in watercolours but also works in oils. I adore his watercolours of flowers.  They have so much life to them, yet are so delicate also.


His oils are just as exquisite.


But he doesn’t just paint still lifes and flowers. His landscapes really must be seen in person for the full impact to be appreciated. If I become half the artist he is, then I will be a very lucky girl.


David exhibits widely and has his work for sale all over Wales. Here are just some of the galleries where you can find his work.…/david-grosvenor-2…ls/artist_thumbs.php…2-david-grosvenor/biography…/castell_cricieth_o_r_dwyrain


Published by Tracy J Hughes

English artist living and working in Wales. A BA and MA Fine Art graduate from Aberystwyth University. Working in acrylic paint and coloured pencil creating still lifes and beach scenes.

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